Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Exercise withdrawal

Two new things I learned today:
  1. withdrawal is not spelled withdrawl. I always get confused about this. And then when I realize it is not withdrawl I wonder how I could have been so stupid as to think that it would be spelled that way anyway. I mean, English can be pretty strange as a language, but it is generally not that strange.
  2. withdrawment, though you would not think it was a word (it probably isn't. It is probably an error made on the part of some vacuous and yet wildly popular person that somehow made it into our--admittedly flawed--vernacular. I am thinking of words like 'healthful'. Not a word, people. The word is healthy. Please stop with the healthful already. I mean it)...anyway, though you would not think it is a word, it actually is.
At any rate, exercise withdrawal is lou-sy. I haven't had a chance to go running since last Thursday, and I don't understand how it is possible to take a break after a marathon and still manage to maintain your mental health and personal relationships. Personally, I feel a little bit like biting the head off of anyone who casts a sidelong glance in my direction. Somehow I don't think that sort of reaction most people expect (let alone want) when they look at someone.

Solution to the problem? Simple, right? Go running, you silly girl. Easier said than done. All of a sudden, there is not a single five-minute period in the day that I have to myself. And a good run would require at least a good thirty minutes, minimum. There was, at one point, a Nike ad that had one of those "Be back at..." clocks that you see hanging in shop windows and the point was basically, "Hey, go running, the world can wait for you to get back." I guess Nike is right. I need to just do it. Unless I want to start biting heads off of people. I think I'll leave that to someone else, though, to be honest.


Susan said...

so be like Ben Stiller in "Starsky" and DO IT (run that is, not bite heads off of anyone/thing). I would have thought that you would be too sore to run but if that's not the case, then what's stopping you?

zebeckras said...

Don't kill me, but "healthful" is a word. I'm sorry. It's in the dictionary and it's a dictionary that far predates Rachael Ray. Dan found it for me after I made the EXACT same rant you did (only longer - paragraph after paragraph of "THIS IS WHAT HEALTHY MEANS AND HEALTHFUL MEANS NOTHING" and then Dan was like "actually..." and I felt like a tool).

That doesn't make me cringe less when I see people using it, though, because I know they're only doing it because they think Rachael Ray is hot or something stupid.