Friday, November 30, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things

Okay, healthful, you win; however, I still maintain that as a word, you are pretty useless (as opposed to useful, ha!) and even if you do date back to the 14th century I still refuse to incorporate you into my vocabulary because healthy is a much better word and conveys the same meaning as you. So there.

I feel better now, not only because I can still claim some sort of ambiguous moral superiority by not using a word that I loathe, but also because I have acknowledged that the word exists, which makes me fair and balanced. Thanks, Rebecca, for making me see the error of my ways.

So healthful is not one of my favorite things. But being healthy is. I just love it. So I set a healthy goal for myself in order to increase my daily amount of health: try to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. This is so much harder than it sounds, but I am making a healthy effort.

In other favorite things news, Team in Training running starts tomorrow! This is a favorite thing for a number of reasons:
  1. It involves running. Enough said.
  2. Meeting new people! I cannot wait to meet other people who are training for a marathon or a half-marathon!
  3. It is raising money for research on Leukemia and Lymphoma. Don't forget that you can be a part of this too, just click here!
Today is also a yoga day. Ahh, yoga. I don't think there are words that could possibly express how much I love yoga. There is really nothing that is quite like it. It is truly amazing. So yoga this afternoon, and then a nice run. I finally got a run in yesterday (thank you, Nike clock for kicking my butt into gear) and felt good immediately afterwards. Actually immediately after I started. I also realized something that makes me really happy and proud of myself: I have dropped about a minute off of my per mile pace. That's right, old Emilie "Ten-minute mile" Littlehales is finally speeding up! It's amazing what a little marathon training will do for you. Now, this is not to say that the next time I run 20 miles they will all be nine-minute miles. But I have definitely improved in a way that is quantifiable, and I think that is worth a huzzah. So huzzah!

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