Saturday, February 2, 2008


In the spirit of blowing off steam (it is a leitmotif today), I thought I would add a new feature to my blog called 'WTF'. I will take submissions from others and will also share my own WTF moments in an effort to give people an outlet where they can express frustration with something that has happened, something that warrants a WTF?! because it is so stupid, inexplicable, anger-provoking, or just plain bizarre. After expressing this frustration, you can let it go and move on with your day.

I'll start.

I just went for a 15-mile run through Central Park wearing my new fuel belt (purchased because my camelbak and I have officially broken up. The magic just wasn't there anymore) and was running along 110th toward Amsterdam. I passed two guys, one of whom took it upon himself to point out to me as I ran by that I was wearing a belt with flasks of water attached to it. "You got something on your back, girl. Looks like a damn utility belt," he said. He then cracked up. Because nothing is more hilarious than pointing out the obvious. And boy, the awesome powers of observation in this one. He is one keen observer if ever there was one. If I'd had a cookie, I would have given him one, just because he really deserved an award for that remarkable statement and use of deductive skills. I mean, just awe-inspiring, really. Seriously, though, and by that I mean all rampant sarcasm aside, I'm running 15 miles. I need somewhere to put water. And last time I checked, I wasn't going out running in order to impress anyone. So what the f*ck is the deal with this jackass actually taking time out of the conversation he was having with his friend to make some comment that is deliberately intended to make me feel bad about myself?! I mean, it didn't work, I don't feel bad about myself and if anything I just feel like he made it obvious that he is an asshole, but really.


See, though? Now I feel better, and I can let this go. To share your own experience, email me with your story.


Susan said...

I think it's important for people to know, especially guys, how vulnerable and victimized women feel when they are out in the open and men make potentially threatening comments at them. Your reaction might seem excessively angry to some; however, given that it was a guy making an unnecessarily asinine and potentially hostile comment to a woman who is out in the open, alone, and basically unprotected, I think your reaction is totally within the boundaries of normalcy and should not be construed as an anger issue! There!! What do you think of that?!

EmLit said...

That's a really good, and important, point. When I am out running, I almost prefer not to be noticed at all because I don't want any attention drawn to me. I have pretty much nothing with me to use as protection if something were to happen, and there is a very strong feeling of vulnerability present in these situations. It can be really upsetting, as a woman, when you have done absolutely nothing to draw any attention to yourself (be it negative or positive attention) and you are still picked out of a crowd to be commented on. The reaction to this sort of behavior often seems over-the-top but it is really a sort of self-defense reaction. There is nothing you can say or do in situations where someone makes a comment at you, the only thing you can do to react is silently fume about it. Or vent about it on your blog :p