Thursday, May 22, 2008

My life in six words or less

I've been tagged by Chris, which means two things:
  1. Obviously, I have hit the big time as a blogger.
  2. I have to write a six-word memoir and tag five additional people. I'm not sure I know another five people to tag, since Chris has already tagged some of the other bloggers I know!
So here is my memoir. It has nothing to do with running, but I think it accurately sums up my life (at least for now):
No longer a student. What next?

As for the people I am tagging in return...
  1. Jen at Birthday Challenge '08.
  2. Irish at Do It.
  3. Charlotte at Music and Veganism, if she ever gets back to blogging...
  4. And, erm...more to follow? That's all I got for now :(
In other news, I am now the proud owner of a running skirt! It's cute, too--black with a thick pink stripe up the side and pink compression shorts. I <3 Alissa's point about varying my activities and taking time to discover other activities is a good one, and it is something I am going to start focusing on as soon as I am a bit more settled (i.e. not getting ready to move in a little over a week).

At any rate, stay tuned for my comments on running in a skirt! Now that my stomach is less upset than it was yesterday I am planning on getting a run in later this afternoon/evening.

1 comment:

chris said...

Great memoir, Emilie. Sorry to put you on the sport, but I knew you would come up with something good.

So you got the running skirt, huh? I have been trying to get my wifey to get one but she just laughs at me.