Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feeling discouraged

This is the first week of classes here at Columbia, which mean that work has gone from 0 to about 150 or so almost overnight. I mean, last week I was just dealing with stuff concerning one half of my job, this week I am dealing with that stuff and teaching two classes back to back every day.


I haven't run at all this week. I'm so tired I want to cry. My body just feels like it can't handle any more. I haven't been sleeping all that well, and I haven't had time to do much grocery shopping so I haven't been eating all that well, either.

I still don't know what to decide about the marathon. I guess at this point it's probably out of the question. I got in 10 miles last week and I haven't managed a long run in two weeks now.

More than anything, I think my body is in endorphin withdrawal. This sucks.


SueWho said...

it sounds to me like you are in a nasty transition phase, almost like when you start a new job. Since the semester started, that is, you have gone from no work for a few weeks to mega-overload. Things will settle down eventually. But for now, it sucks. Whether you do the marathon or not, you need to make some time to get in your run(s). Long or short run, it doesn't matter. Morning or evening, whenever you can. I think you will feel a lot better once you get back on some kind of a running schedule. You can do it!

Rachel said...

Things will lighten up as the semester starts to settle down. It seems that it is always hectic around here at the start of the semester as well. There are always more marathons--don't put yourself through overload and worry on this one.