Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Detox time!

I just finished an exam an hour ago; my room is a mess; I haven't gone running since Saturday; my stomach doesn't function anymore; I don't think I have really had several consecutive days of healthy eating in a loooooong time; what is going on? Is my life falling apart? This and other existential questions will be answered in this extra-special blog entry.

Except not really. I don't have the answers to those questions! I really just sort of feel like I want to spend several days eating nothing but fruits, vegetables, and yogurt (maybe I will make my own since I have the magical powers to accomplish such a task) and doing lots of running and yoga...good thing I have a long vacation coming up!

My brain is so tired and I kind of guiltily feel like I don't actually deserve to be tired. Sort of like I didn't do enough to really warrant being so tired. While studying for this exam I took today, I fell asleep three times. That never happens to me! I guess the reason why I am sitting here writing about it is because I am a little worried...this sort of fatigue doesn't seem too normal to me, and I sort of wanted to take an informal poll: does anyone else feel this way sometimes? any identifiable reason why? any theories (I will put it out there--I don't drink enough water, I don't eat well these days, but I do take my vitamins) about what might help? would it help to go for a vegetable, fruit, yogurt detox arrangement over the next few days? I kind of get the impression that my body is reacting to something I am doing wrong, otherwise I wouldn't be so tired and my stomach wouldn't be, like, revolting against me.

So, to sum up: what's wrong with me? Comments, please!

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zebeckras said...

My guess, keeping in mind that I'm not the most knowledgeable person in the world, is that it's diet related. Changes in diet and also routine activity can disrupt your energy patterns can't they? I don't know if a full veggie/fruit/yogurt detox is the way to go but if you manage to take a day to eat completely healthy especially now that exams are out of the way I bet you'll feel great. If you can't find that day until after Christmas just remember that you're not on a deadline; you have plenty of time to pick up your good habits from before and everyone has to give in for a while and allow themselves to be lazy. No one's perfect all the time, and the people who nearly are tend to not be as happy with themselves (from what I've seen).

i'm in the same boat, I've been pigging out on cookies and although I'm making a point to keep exercising as much as possible work is at a level where I don't have time to do ANYthing else. Not sure how much weight I've put on (not TOO much, I don't think, but probably up to 5 pounds from my pre-Thanksgiving low) but I'm finding it hard to break the "just a few more cookies, oh well, just a few more than that" habit. :P Kind of a relief to know I'm not the only one.