Monday, December 10, 2007

There's a place for us

This is a little weird, but every time the #2 train pulls away from the station, the sound of its wheels starting up against the tracks sounds to me like the first three notes to "There's a place for us" which although I really can't stand that musical or movie, has always struck me as a really pretty song.

So that is my slightly non sequitur segue into what I am posting today, which is this song:

I think it is ridiculously pretty, I love Mark Knopfler's voice, and I hate that I didn't know it existed before this past year.


zebeckras said...

I love that song too! And I first heard it as a cover (I assume) by the Indigo Girls? I think it was the Indigo Girls. Their cover is actually REALLY GOOD but I had no idea it was a cover until I saw "Hot Fuzz" last weekend, FINALLY, and heard it playing in that one scene. Now thanks to the miracle of embedded music I can hear it in its entireity! Guess I'm just lucky that way.

That movie is freaking awesome, by the way.

Susan said...

Mark Knopfler rocks! And another weird thing, I never heard that song until last night - they were playing it on XM radio! It's sweet!