Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fitness fixation

Good news, everybody! I can swallow again without wincing. This also means I can now eat things other than toasted bagels and orange juice. It is so easy to forget how good it feels to be healthy--not that I am entirely healthy. Unfortunately, I haven't made a miraculous recovery, I have just experienced a cold migration. Instead of my throat feeling like someone has it in a vice and is rubbing sandpaper on it, my nose is now runny. Not too pretty, but far preferable to a sore throat any day of the week, if you ask me.

Anyway, on to the subject at hand. I have a silly little dream that one day my blog will be big and awesome and people will send me their products to review and I'll get a lot of free goodies. Realistically, I don't think it will ever happen, but it is a nice little pipe dream to keep near. The thing is, I already know which products I would want to have sent to me for free, because (and this is in the spirit of full disclosure) there are certain things that I fixate on. It's true! I see the infomercials and I get drawn in. Then maybe I see the product in stores, or I go to the website, or something, and...I get even further drawn in! I become completely obsessed with these products, like they are the little miracle pill that will change my life. It's very silly, I know, but I can't help myself.
One of these products is the Bender ball, part of the Bender Method of Core Training or something to that effect. For some reason, I am mesmerized by these ads, and convinced that I, too, will have a flat and toned tummy if I get the Bender ball! I have looked for reviews of the product, and I haven't found much, but I saw an ad the other day that said that you can now get the Bender ball and the instructional DVD for like $9.95. If I had $9.95 to spend on something like that, it would be really tempting. I mean, not only would I be able to use it, I would be able to review it, too! Too bad I can't write it off for educational purposes.

I also have a semi-crush/obsession with the bar method. The method consists of classes, and as far as I know, is mostly only available in California (with a few exceptions). It would be fun to have a job where I could just drop in on classes to try them out. Ah, dreams. And if I did have that job, I would be sure to try out a spinning class. I have always wanted to try one of those because I know I am weak when it comes to cycling, but I am scared to ride my bike in NYC (something about being car-doored=not-so-appealing to me) and really hate riding the stationary bike. I think it would be a fun and hard workout, the perfect way for me to kick my own butt...well, maybe someday!

What about you? What are your fitness fixations?

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Susan said...

Those infomercials really turn me off - I can't help thinking that none of that stuff really works and that's why they are on an infomercial. I mean, if the product were really all that great, it would just sell itself and they wouldn't need obnoxious salespeople on infomercials.
As for fitness fantasies that I'm fixated on - can't say that I have any! I just try to work out so that I will age gracefully at this point. I guess that's my fitness fantasy.