Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A thank-you note to my readers, friends, and family

Now that I am beginning to move beyond the melt-down I had earlier this week, I am also managing to come to terms with the fact that this weekend I will be running a distance that I haven't run in a while. This weekend I will be running the half-marathon in New Jersey. I am planning on running it like a long run, nice and easy, in a way that I hope will allow me to enjoy the experience and not worry about a PR, or even a decent time. I am just going to put the runner's ego away for a while, run these 13.1 miles, and then move on.

Yesterday I was able to break through my running block--I ran a good, comfortable 6.3 miles at a comfortable pace and didn't feel frustrated (or like crying, for that matter) afterwards. This gave me some hope for this weekend.

The other thing that gave me hope, though, was the outpouring of support I got from everyone after my depressing post the other day. I had no idea that saying how I felt would have such an impact. I guess sometimes we all need a boost from people who understand what we are going through, and I have to say that the one I got was more than I could have asked for. So, what I want to say more than anything is thank you.

Thank you to Chris, whose idea to have everyone run their longest distance in support of my effort touches my heart; thank you to my mom, who insisted on coming to see me run even though I told her she shouldn't in spite of the fact that deep down I really wanted her to; thank you to my older sister who still cites me as her inspiration even though I find her much more inspiring than I have ever been; thank you to Mike who sticks by me even when I am insufferable and has always believed in me; thank you to Sean who sends me texts messages about robot invasions and how odd looking ears are, which always make me laugh, and who, like Mike, has also always believed in me; thank you to Sonia for being such a great long-distance running buddy; thank you to everyone who left a supportive or helpful comment; I know this isn't everyone and I hope no one is upset if they feel they have been left out, it is certainly not my intention to ignore anyone or anything. I just want everyone to know how grateful I am and how lucky I feel to be surrounded by such a great group of individuals.

thank you all.


Rachel said...

Great job on the 6.3 run! And have fun with the half!!!

Anonymous said...

Great descition on running the half on Sunday! And I think it's a great idea to take it easy and just 'enjoy the ride'.
It's not always about making PR's and running faster than everyone. Sometimes being able to reach that finish line is a bigger accomplishment than any time. A the best way to get out of the bunk you just were in is to cross that finish line on sunday and leave the bonk behind!

Susan said...

This is truly a great post! Yay for the turn-around! And you will do fine on Sunday if you just take it easy. By the way, you must have a wonderful mother. haha

chris said...

It is good to read that you are at least feeling better and you seem to be in a good spot to do this run. There is nothing wrong with nice and easy. You will do great. Keep us posted.

Irish Cream said...

Good luck, Emilie! I feel your pain all too much (I started training hard-core again for a half-marathon one week after I finished my first marathon. I was seriously disappointed in my marathon time, and decided I would "make up for it" with a great time in the half. Well, needless to say, I've been battling with some very similar feelings/symptoms, and I've come to realize that I too have to just take things easy from here on out). Definitely take it easy, and just try to have as much fun with it as possible! Good luck tomorrow (or actually--today. Wow, has it gotten late!) We're rooting for you! :)