Saturday, April 26, 2008

Problem-solving follow-up

First of all, thanks everyone for your great and helpful comments! It seems that the consensus is that more carbs=a good thing (please don't sue me, Martha Stewart). I had thought my diet was pretty balanced, but the majority of my carbs are coming from fruits and vegetables, and to be honest I don't feel like I am eating very much at all. I may need to add more whole grain sources to my fruit and veggie repertoire, which I guess is where I will start tweaking.

I am also considering going in to the doctor this week to see if I can have my iron levels tested. As a vegetarian, I feel like iron deficiency is always potentially an issue, so it seems like it would be worthwhile to just have a look at that.

Other than that, I think it may just be time to move on from ediets. Their program doesn't seem especially suited to athletes who are looking to perform well (which is not what it advertises, anyway, so I am by no means trying to discredit them or anything. Truth be told, I should have thought a bit better about trying out their program given my somewhat rigorous workout schedule).

With any luck, things will get a bit better and I will be re-energized in no time!


chris said...

You make a good point. I bet most of those web-based diet sites are geared toward sedentary people, not people that need to consume x amount of calories to make up for rigorous exercise and training. I wonder if The Biggest Loser diet plan is any different? Not that I think you are big, I just wonder if their plans take in to account all of the exercise sense that is what the show is all about. I can't imagine them telling people "exercise for 3 hours a day but only take in 1500 calories".

I hate diets, btw.

Susan said...

Different strokes for different folks - ediets worked for me. I, however, am NOT an athlete and I think it makes perfect sense that they do not account for your caloric needs. Not only that, you are also a vegetarian and that further complicates your dietary requirements! You probably need more iron? But you're definitely on the right track by putting the web-based diet behind you.

Anonymous said...

Fit Day has a free service where you can keep a diet log. They have a list of meals and the compositions for everything (calories, proteins, fat, carbs and more). So if you use it you can see how many of each thing you are eating and make adjustments to your diet if needed. I don't use it yet because I found out about a few days ago and I don't want to change my diet when I have a big race so soon. But a friend of mine uses it and it really worked for him.

Jim said...

Found your blog through "Run Your City". I am not a dietitian and far from being an expert in nuitrition. I coach and help train marathon runners. I have seen the same symptoms in runners who begin "fad" diets. While there is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian, I have seen them struggle with distance training. If you're not getting the necessary caloric intake you will definitely struggle. Best thing, you are going to see your doctor. find out for sure what is causing the problem.