Monday, January 14, 2008

And the results are in!

I took this handy-dandy quiz this morning, mostly just for fun but also out of curiosity. The results of said quiz revealed that there is no hope for me in the upcoming presidential election.

Update: I was just informed that my link to my quiz results showed that my ideal candidate was Romney. I removed the link and wanted to state for the record that my top three candidates were the following:
  1. Kucinich (love him)
  2. Richardson (who has, I believe, dropped out of the race)
  3. Obama


zebeckras said...

Yeah apparently I match up best with Bill Richardson too. Of course I have no idea who he is. :P He's very pro-GLBT which is cool but he's apparently also pro-death penalty and pro-gun ownership and so I'm like "Hm, no one knows you, you like your guns and you like killing people... pass". I got Obama in my top three results (though only a 78% match, but still that's something) so I don't know. I liked Obama from the start but like many, his inexperience worries me...

Sean said...

Hmm...looks like I am doomed to a similar fate!

EmLit said...

Last I heard, Richardson had dropped out of the race! I loved Kucinich in 2004, but he didn't make it to the primaries that year and I'm guessing he won't this year either. I guess I am way too much of a socialist to have my "perfect" candidate make it to office. The USA is not ready for my politics!!

To be honest, I'm leaning toward Hilary in spite of the fact that she was not in my top three. Internet quiz results be damned!