Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am the unemployable

With my enthusiasm for graduate study rapidly dwindling, and my enthusiasm for the poverty associated with graduate study non-existent, I have been very actively searching for a part-time job to supplement my income and expose me to life outside of the Ivory Tower (of doom and gloom).

Results of search: I am, apparently, not a viable job candidate. This is troubling.

I have applied for jobs as a research assistant to an author working on a historical novel based in pre-revolutionary France, several jobs working at the various front desks of yoga studios in Manhattan, and retail positions, among other things.

Number of responses: 0. It is worth noting that this could easily describe any or all of my job searches to date, with the exception of things for which I have been directly recommended by friends (who also happen to be current employees of the place to which I am applying).

My new plan is to pack up my yogurt maker, yoga mat, and running shoes and find some isolated homestead somewhere (a northern mid-western state comes to mind) and think bitter, vindictive thoughts in the direction of all the employers who threw out my resume.

Number of responses: 1; I have a phone interview sometime in my very near future! Plans to find isolated homestead put on hold until further notice.

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