Friday, January 11, 2008

Back to blogging

Wow, I have been so far out of my routine for the past two weeks or so. Even this week was a bit difficult, in spite of being back in my apartment in New York. I guess this is what happens when you have a break from classes. At any rate, I have now resolved to return to a somewhat normal daily routine: running, yoga when appropriate, eating well, reading, etc. And blogging, of course! Since we all know how much important information I have to share with the world (or all five of you who read this blog).

Important thing #1: Yesterday while walking down Broadway I picked up a free sample of a new drink called Function, which seems to be trying to follow in the footsteps of VitaminWater (except without the awesomeness of 50 cent. So far, anyway). Apparently, Function beverages are all-natural and developed by physicians, which I guess is meant to make me feel like drinking a 2-serving 60 calorie per serving drink with 14g grams of sugar (out of 15 total grams of carbohydrates) is good for me. My friend chose to try out their version of "make you smart/improve your memory drink", which was a dark pink hue. I chose their alternative to energy drinks energy drink, called, appropriately enough, "Alternative Energy". With exotic ingredients such as catuaba, muira pauma, epimedium, yurba, and a bunch of other things I'd never heard of (and whose actual effects have not been verified by the FDA), "Alternative Energy" gives you long-lasting energy, which supposedly lasts 6 to 8 hours without giving you heart palpitations, dizziness, or crashes. The drink is the color of urine and doesn't taste all that good. I made it through the whole bottle in the space of several hours but to be honest I don't feel all that energized. And I don't think I would ever bother spending money on this product. I'd much rather drink VitaminWater if I am looking for a sugary, supposedly healthy alternative to H2O. Or better yet, I'll just drink water! My final verdict: save your monies. Just because it's made by doctors doesn't mean you should buy it.

In other news, I received my fancy nike+ chip shoe pouch which means I can now use the nike+ system when running, which is super exciting! I have been a total loser lately when it comes to running and I looking forward to getting back into the rhythm of things. Sadly, I don't think the Paris marathon is a possibility at this point, and I will probably be switching to the NJ marathon, which makes me sad but only because I adore my mentor and I don't want to no longer have her as a mentor.

Finally, I hate money and I think that the United States should have free universal healthcare that includes both dental and vision care. That way I could get my chronic headaches and freakish loose baby tooth taken care of without having to worry that I may have to take out a loan to cover the costs of the medical attention that I need.

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